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What is Business CoachingWhy Career Transition Coaching?

You are unique and your uniqueness matters in making a career transition decision

Reading a book can provide you clarity on a litany of subjects. But can it infuse in you the clarity and confidence that are vital for a career switch? Or watching a few career related videos on YouTube for that matter? Taking the leap of faith should be a guided exercise.

Career transition coaching helps you in identifying your uniqueness, understanding your aspirations and thereafter aligning both your uniqueness and aspirations with relevant career options.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to an easy and effective career transit. That’s because your circumstances and aspirations would differ from those of your peers. The reason is simple; you are unique, and so are your abilities, aptitude, preferences and bucket-list. A coach applies inquiry and action planning and thereby provides a customized solution to your unique career transition case.

BusinessThe Approach to Career Transition Coaching

A successful career is one that mirrors your life goals, allows you to delve deeper into your passions, and lets you indulge in your dreams. A career transition coach approaches a discussion on career transition with a clear understanding of what is not aligned between your current career and the life you wish to live.

Here is a quick checklist of top possible concerns:

  • Is it the right time to change?
  • Does my financial situation allow me to take this kind of risk?
  • Will I be able to pull it off? What if I failed? How would my family and friends react if I did?
  • Do I understand my true passion and interests?
  • I want to become an entrepreneur and start a new venture. But do I have it in me?
  • Have I explored probable career alternatives properly?

In addition to these, there are multiple index points that need to be taken into consideration before making a career transition decision. This makes the deci-sion very complicated and often overwhelming for most individuals to handle successfully.

BusinessCareer Transition Coaching Services

Depending on your requirement, you can select either of the two career transition coaching services:

1. Can I change my career?

  • Directed at middle/senior executives and businessmen
  • Emphasis on inquiry and discussion
  • Identify true reasons for change
  • Nail down passions, strengths, goals, personal likes and dislikes
  • Explore alternative career options
  • Focus on arriving at a decision
  • Short term (1-3 session coaching engagement)

2. How do I change my career?

  • Directed at executives and businessmen
  • Explore alternative career options
  • Decide on one career option
  • Execute an action-driven plan leading to career change
  • Long term (3-6-9 month coaching engagement)
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