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Business Finance Success Stories
Suhail Bajaj, Partner at Bright Brain Marketing Technologies

I have been curious about the impact of having an executive coach by one's side ever since I embarked on an entrepreneurial journey a few years ago. When someone shared some of Hitesh's content on Linkedin with me, I decided to get in touch and find out for myself - and I'm glad I did!

With a very thorough process coupled with an affable style, Hitesh is able to truly understand (and more importantly help you understand) your drivers and roadblocks. Self awareness is truly the first step to any kind of success and the first couple of sessions with Hitesh help achieve that!

Most importantly, Hitesh's mantra of Activity not being Action is one to live by - I'm glad I took the plunge and highly recommend him to anyone in search of answers about their career or business growth.

Business Finance Success Stories
Capt. Naresh Kumar, General Manager – Marine, Ace Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd.

After 18 years on ship, followed by another 3 years in a marine crew operations, stagnancy had started to set in. I was unable to arrive at a career that could give me an opportunity to grow, both personally and professionally. There was no solution in sight.

Naturally, a series of questions started flooding my mind – Would I be able to sustain my lifestyle this way? What about work-life balance? I started mulling entrepreneurship because there would be more opportunities there. I was stuck in deciding whether I needed to pursue a Post-Graduate degree in order to start my own shipping company?

In the meantime, I bought a ton of self-help books and DIY guides. They did help me partially, but when I required expert help I was not able to call a book or a Youtuber!

But the way Hitesh helped me with my cause; it has been a watershed moment in my life. Without an expert guide, you tend to inhibit yourself by circumstances. And that was exactly what was happening with me. My mind was cluttered and that was limiting me from thinking over alternative courses of action.

Right from the first call, Hitesh showed me a lot of promise and I decided to go through. He helped me find clarity in thoughts and purpose. Most importantly, he helped me identify my blind spots that were otherwise limiting my creativity and blurring my thought process.

Signing up for Executive Coaching with Hitesh has been one of the best decisions in my life. I have extended our initial agreement to another series of sessions, and I believe his expertise and skill set is going to be instrumental in effecting much-needed changes in my life. Why? That’s because I have found in Hitesh every quality associated with an expert coach – he is passionate, wise, great listener and action-driven.

Business Finance Success Stories
Nikhil Singhal, Chartered Accountant, Entrepreneur, Ex-Business Finance

I was in the midst of a very crucial point in my professional career. After rich experience in one of the top listed corporate in Mumbai, I was contemplating if I really wanted to continue in the corporate world, or pursue my entrepreneurial passion. I was confused and had been postponing the decision for quite some time.

A friend of mine recommended me to see Hitesh. I met Hitesh during in July-18.

Hitesh initially asked me a lot of questions. He followed a system of inquiry which was very comprehensive, thought-provoking and yet very practical.

Once he understood my case, he was just brilliant in coaching me on key drivers of my career move. Few things Hitesh shared during the session that helped me take a decision included: aligning one’s career with the primary aim in life, taking up entrepreneurship in its real sense, not because it is cool; focusing on what one is becoming in the process than getting bogged down with temporary rewards in one’s career, being discrete in choosing the battles worth fighting for, and using passion and action to earn success. He shared numerous examples from his rich professional experience to drive home the point. He’s definitely an expertise in unlocking one’s peak potential, which is what he helped me with. Importantly, I was able to take a decision to pursue my dream. I am really happy I did that.